erniciatura Yacht Pershing Olbia


Refitting Pershing 90: new exterior look The Shipyard in Olbia is taking care of the painting of a Pershing 90 yacht In the pictures, the application of the fund on the hull and the overrstructure and then move on to the other stages of painting the boat.   For more information: Discover more about…

Pershing 90_ Alaggio Refitting Yacht Olbia Sardegna

Hauling Pershing 90

Let’s start the Refitting works on board a Pershing 90 Another Pershing Owner choose Isola Bianca for the exterior and interior refitting of his yacht.  We start with the dismantling of the tailgate and the landing of the engines.  For more information:

Refitting Pershing 92_ Dopo lavori

Interior refitting Pershing 92

Restyling for a Pershing 92 Interior refitting works were carried out on board, involving the salon.  Thanks to the collaboration with Filippetti Yacht, Isola Bianca is able to show the final project to the customer, helping to find the best layout / combination of materials that better fits for him. The Gallery shows the boat…