Manutenzione Dissalatori

To maintain optimal and long-lasting water production, these systems need maintenance, wintering during the period of inactivity and restarting before the season.

The watermaker is an important accessory now present in almost all boats, as it offers considerable autonomy during long crossings or cruises in places where the availability of water is limited, avoiding the need to return to the port to fill the tanks. This device is used to obtain drinking water from sea water thanks to the reverse osmosis process.

There are products on the market for maintenance, to be carried out when you plan not to use the watermaker for a long period.
The Idromar maintenance and wintering kit prevents the formation of stains and deposits. It consists of a descaling powder and a solution for preserving the membranes.

Kit di Pulizia delle Membrane Idromar (1)The operation is carried out in two steps:

  1. Dilute 1 kg. of powder in 100 liters of fresh water. NB: to do this, use gloves and a mask, make a passage in a closed circuit at low pressure, and wash the system.
  2. Dilute the preservative solution in another 100 liters of fresh water, circulate the product in a closed circuit, close the valves and leave it in the state of conservation for conservative treatment of the membranes.

Idromar desalinators, Italian excellence.

The Idromar International Company has been active since 1982, when watermakers for nautical use were almost unknown equipment. Today Idromar produces watermakers with high-quality and reliable materials and components. They start from a production of 60lt / h up to 4200lt / h. The systems can satisfy both the needs of the naval and residential sectors.


It is possible to find the Idromar kit for the maintenance and wintering of watermakers for sale on our Nautic Shop at this link: IDROMAR WATERMAKER MAINTENANCE KIT

In addition to the maintenance kit, wire-wound filters of 5 and 20 micron are also available.

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