Isola Bianca Shipyard 65th Anniversary

Today we are celebrating our 65th Anniversary! 1957 ~ 2022   This is a special year for the Isola Bianca Shipyard, which celebrates 65 years of activity. The Isola Bianca Shipyard was founded in 1957, immediately becoming a reference point for pleasure boating boats in the Mediterranean Sea. Nautical tradition, professionalism, skills and quality that…

Correnti Galvaniche

How to protect your boat from galvanic currents

The importance of Anodes and Zincs in the boat maintenance of a boat. The Anodes and Zincs are spare parts with a rather short duration over time, which by their very nature tend to “wear out” quickly. However, why do we have to regularly change the sacrificial anodes placed here and there on the fairings?…

Lucidatura imbarcazioen

How to make your boat shine: the polishing

One of the most important and most satisfying operations when it comes to boat maintenance is certainly its polishing. If the hull has any residual encrustations, it must be finished with the appropriate abrasive paste. The polish can be passed by hand, with special cloths or body shop gloves, or with the help of sanders.…

Verniciatura Yacht Pershing in Sardegna

Interior Yacht Painting on board Pershing 56

The style of interior furnishing of a yacht follow the same trends and the aesthetic needs of the furnishing of a home. It is therefore important to carry out a professional painting with specialized products, which respect and guarantee specific performance requirements. Isola Bianca Shipyard carried out on board Pershing 56, concerning the spray painting…

Promozione Filtri Caterpillar

Caterpillar Original Filters

The promotion of the original Caterpillar filters at super special prices is online! The offer is valid while stocks last. Visit our Nauticshop and contact us at 0789/21018 or by filling out the following form, our staff will be at your complete disposal!

Verniciatura RIVA Sardegna

Teak Wood Yacht Painting

Painting teak wood on board Riva Rivarama Yacht Restoring a Riva wooden boat is a very delicate task: it must be entrusted to expert and competent hands. The Isola Bianca Shipyard, thanks to its specialized departments, carried out the teak painting work on the deck of the yacht, following specific treatments and using high-tech materials,…

Installazione Generatore Kohler


Among the most important ordinary maintenance activities, we mention those relating to the generator, an apparatus of fundamental importance for your boat. Generators, in the marine field, play a role of great importance for your boat, as they ensure the use of electricity on board. This role they play is anything but marginal: it is…

Refitting Evo Marine Deauville

Restyling of a Filippetti F76: the new F78 is born

The Filippetti Yacht Shipyard has just introduced an important restyling of the Filippetti F76 model (Ex Evo Marine Deauville). F78 provides for a general renewal of the external lines, with the expansion of the windows in the superstructure and the addition of a Hard Top in fiberglass and carbon fiber. The F78 Hard Top improvements…