Installatore Autorizzato Seakeeper Olbia

The training event dedicated to nautical operators specialized in the setting up and service of Seakeeper Gyroscopic stabilization systems on board of pleasure yachts has just ended.

This annual event, organized directly by Seakeeper Italia, aims to provide technical updates and innovative installation and maintenance instructions.

This training is essential for nautical operators involved in the installation and service of these stabilizers.

Isola Bianca Olbia Shipyard could certainly not miss this event.

Isola Bianca is the reference point for the installation and assistance of Seakepeer gyroscopic stabilizers in Olbia, in the Emerald Coast and Sardinia.

Watch the video and find out how a Seakeeper stabilizer works.

For any information or curiosity about these innovative stabilizer system, contact our specialized staff.

Learn more about the gyroscopic stabilization system

What does the Seakepeer stabilization system consist of?

The exclusive Seakepeer gyroscopic stabilization system is the most effective anti-roll device ever made.

Whether the yacht is at anchor, or sailing, the Seakeeper improves the boat’s performance, comfort and safety, and certainly the quality of life at sea.

The installation of a Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer eliminates up to 95% of the roll on board.

The stabilizer can be placed anywhere in the boat, without changing its performance. Unlike traditional fins stabilizers, Seakeeper is installed safely inside the hull where it cannot be damaged by the dangers of the sea.

These stabilizers are easy to install and suitable for any boat from 27 feet upwards. With Seakeeper you will transform your experience onboard.

Once tried it is impossible to do without it.

Do you want to receive a quote for the installation of Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers?

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