Correnti Galvaniche

The importance of Anodes and Zincs in the boat maintenance of a boat.

The Anodes and Zincs are spare parts with a rather short duration over time, which by their very nature tend to “wear out” quickly.

However, why do we have to regularly change the sacrificial anodes placed here and there on the fairings?

First, the anodes are essential to protect the boat and the engine from the galvanic current. The galvanic current is nothing more than an electrochemical phenomenon that occurs when metals of different electric potential, immersed in a conductive liquid (called electrolyte), come into contact with each other, directly or by the intervention of a further element that acts as a connection. The higher the degree of salinity of the water and its temperature, the greater the probability of corrosion. The most effective solution consists in the use of anodes that are suitably positioned on the hull of our boat, on which the various electrolytic currents converge.

These elements (commonly zinc, but also magnesium or aluminum) make it possible with little expense to prevent the most important and expensive parts of the boat from being subjected to corrosive processes. Hence the more common name of Sacrificial Anodes.

How does the maintenance of the anodes take place?

It is highly advisable to check the state of the anodes, if consumed in excess they must be replaced immediately, if instead they are not consumed at all, it is good to proceed with the recognition of the cause since this situation represents the clear signal that the galvanic currents are not correctly conveyed on this element. It is, therefore, necessary to entrust the control to a specialized technician It is very important to use high-quality zincs and anodes: for maintenance our shipyard uses Tecnoseal zincs, whose accessories are 100% Italian and produced in the Grosseto foundry.

The Tecnoseal company is a world leader in the production of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the pleasure boating and naval sector.

Below you will find some pictures of damaged sacrificial anodes.

A wide selection of Zincs and Anodes Tecnoseal are available in our Nautic Shop.

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