Manutenzione motori fuoribordo

The maintenance of the engine of each boat must be organized regularly, in order to guarantee its operation in total safety. A well-maintained boat will surely have, in the long run, life and performance above expectations.

Essential maintenance goes beyond a simple visual inspection: a review must be carried out before each departure to avoid problems once you are in the open sea.
For optimal conservation, the fuel system must be checked at least once a year and before any major move. It is important to always contact professionals in the sector for an accurate and exhaustive check. But there are also some small tricks that can be assessed by the owner of the boat alone.


Outboard engines maintenance
The engine positioned outboard is directly exposed to external agents such as sea / fresh water, salt, and wind and therefore it is important to pay particular attention to it.
To preserve the outboard motor well, first of all, it is good to arrange maintenance after each outing in the water: it is advisable to get into the good habit of rinsing the whole engine with fresh water to remove any traces of salt.
But, as with all engines, even the annual maintenance of the outboards must be entrusted to professionals, following the recommendations and frequency indicated by the manufacturer.
In fact, at the end of each sailing season, it is necessary to program winter storage, which is a series of routine maintenance operations to which extraordinary maintenance interventions of the engine must be added to prepare it for the long period of inactivity.

After carrying out the usual routine maintenance operations, which we recall below:

  • Rinse the engine with fresh water and run it at low speed for at least 15 minutes to remove the salt;
  • Check that the water inside the pump flows in abundance;
  • Check the oil levels and lubricate the engine with more attention on its moving parts;
  • Remove the motor hood to make sure that all components are in good condition and that there are no leaks.

Extraordinary maintenance must be performed, which involves checking the spark plugs and lubricating the cylinders and checking the petrol filter with any replacement if it is not intact, and checking the water pump impeller which must in any case be replaced every year It is also important to check with possible replacement of the anodes, of the gray and porous metal plates at least every year, or as soon as they are worn out. All electronic parts must be protected with special sprays. For more information on servicing your outboard or to request a quote:

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