Installazione Generatore Kohler

Among the most important ordinary maintenance activities, we mention those relating to the generator, an apparatus of fundamental importance for your boat.

Manutenzione del gruppo elettrogeno

Generators, in the marine field, play a role of great importance for your boat, as they ensure the use of electricity on board. This role they play is anything but marginal: it is to allow for a reserve of energy on board, necessary when you are not moored on the quay.

We can say that generators perform in practice the same function as the domestic power supply. In other words, they power the boat’s “utilities”: light and power sockets in the cabins, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, water heaters as well as communication and safety equipment.

Manutenzione generatori Kohler in SardgenaWhen we are far from the mainland, they are the solution to have, on the boat, an electrical system that works continuously.

There are different types of generators with different characteristics, depending on the needs of use: in the nautical sector the most used are those with diesel.
The generators on board therefore ensure a constant supply of energy. Furthermore, they always keep the batteries charged, which always guarantee the minimum of sufficient charge, during navigation, at least to return to port.

After underlining the importance of this equipment on board your yacht, it becomes implicit to underline how important it is to ensure its proper functioning through routine maintenance, to be carried out by qualified personnel. Correct maintenance of the generating set allows to increase the duration of its use and to reduce its impact on the environment.

For a good maintenance it is necessary to carry out daily checks, check the air filter, the fuel system, the lubrication circuit, the cooling circuit, the electrical system of the engine.

The staff of the Isola Bianca Shipyard specializes in the maintenance of the best generator brands, including KOHLER, ONAN, FISHER PANDA, MASE.


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